The Bleakwinds calendar spans 360 days with 12 months each of 30 Days: Calendar

Ruen is the first month of the Bleakwinds calendar its first day is that of the New Year, the folk of the Bleakwinds do their best to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends. The current years is 998.

Midwinter, at this time the people of the Bleakwinds deplete much of the alcohol brewed the previous year. This is often the most brutal time of the year, with treacherous winter snows.

Only two months now remain until the end of the long darkness of Winter. Villages remained huddled against the ice, snow and wind, awaiting warmth’s return.

The ground begins to soften somewhat from the Winter frosts in Tor; communities and Farmholds began now to earnestly look forward to the coming spring, making what preparations they can for the coming planting. Local spring festivals typically occur late in the month as the last of the alcohol is sacrificed.

Dinuen is one of the most important months in the Bleakwinds calendar as it marks the start of the short growing cycle. During this month Farmholds band together to rush seeds and seedling into the ground while praying to Inin that there will be no late frost to stunt the harvest later on.

The frenetic time during the first two weeks of the month are known as the planting festival. Equal parts back breaking labor and revelry, locals attempt to appease Inin with bonfires, sacrificed livestock and love-making, all in the name of the Life-Giver.

Tempertaures slowly begin to rise and the folk of the Bleakwinds shed the heavy garments of a long winter. Industry begins again in earnest and all too necessary repairs made to dwellings and fortifications.

Midsummer is celebrated in honor of Inin.

The warmest days of the Bleakwinds calendar occur during Tinuen. A flurry of travel takes place as merchants press on through long days to the most remote areas if the isles.

Various minor local festivals take place during Ciza as Bleakwinders make merry during the warm weeks prior to harvest.

The days begin to noticeably shorten and darken. The festival of the Lesser god Imnocht is celebrated in some communities to honor the dead and mark the coming winter. Communities and Farmholds gather together to bring in the harvests.

The first true month of Winter; snow has typically covered much of the Isles before its end.

Snow and Ice cover the land heavily, little travel occurs between communities as citizens hunker down.


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